Mango and Turmeric Anti-oxidant Smoothie

Mango and Turmeric Anti-oxidant Smoothie

Turmeric and mango smoothie recipe

In case you haven't heard, turmeric has been hailed the new superfood and rightfully so. New studies have suggested that turmeric is an antioxidant, helps with digestion, is anti-inflammatory, lowers cholesterol and is anti-carcinogenic.

I regularly use turmeric after training to help fast track my recovery. So if you feel like you need a bit of a boost, why not try adding turmeric to your diet if you aren't doing so already.

I have discovered that my little Indian shop around the corner sells fresh turmeric root which I have started using in my smoothies. Such an easy way to make sure I'm getting a regular dose of this superfood. I have it in a mango and banana smoothie so the orange colour of the turmeric really enhances the colour of this drink.

Mango and Turmeric Antioxidant Drink

  • 1 cup frozen mango chunks
  • 1 banana sliced
  • 1/2 tumeric root, peeled
  • coconut or almond milk 

Pop all the ingredients into your high powered blender, top up with your choice of non-dairy milk and whizz till smooth.

Voila! Super yummy and good for you too!



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