Allow us to introduce ourselves...

Allow us to introduce ourselves...


Hi there! And thanks for stopping by! 

So I thought it was high time we introduced ourselves since we have been around for a quite a while now... 

We are Saskia and John and we are the founders of The Kai Box, a whole food plant based meal kit delivery company, right here in New Zealand! 

I always used to enjoy meal planning for the week for our family and after going vegan I continued to do this along with experimenting with new recipes and ingredients. So we thought hey, we may as well share our meal plans and recipes and help other people who are wanting to try a plant based lifestyle, since we are doing it for our family anyway!

We were often asked by friends and family, "but what do you eat? It must be so hard being vegan?"... etc etc... (along with the usual question of "but where do you get your protein from?") We wanted to show just how easy being vegan was, how varied the food can be, and of course how totally delicious it is! 

It was January 2016 when we officially launched The Kai Box and we have been steadily growing ever since. We started working out of our garage with a few friends coming round to help pack boxes. Eventually we outgrew the garage and moved into a warehouse with a proper chiller and everything! I took a course in Plant-Based Nutrition with eCornell which really helped to increase my knowledge in the benefits of eating a whole food plant based diet.

We have made various tweaks to the business along the way, always looking for ways to improve things, so we really value the feedback of our customers. We have a great team of people working with us who we really appreciate.

We have two daughters, who are 8 and 6 years old, (who also happen to be our guinea pigs for all of our meals). So basically all the meals that we put on the menu for The Kai Box have been tried and tested with our own family. (And they are my harshest critics I'll have you know!)

Other random things about us is that John is a keen Brazilian Jiu Jitsu practitioner and coach, and I go bush walking with friends at the crack of dawn on weekends!


  • Sarah Parry

    What a gene pool and wholesome way of life you seem to have created! I truly admire what you both are doing and your food is certainly delicious! Thank you for sharing your wayvof life with NZ

  • Berenize Peita

    I love the name Kai box, I love the ease of being able to make delicious meals. Thank you for sharing your whanau with us.

  • Megan

    SO lovely to read your story and ‘meet’ the beautiful family behind The Kai Box!

  • Debby Newton

    Thanks for sharing a bit about you and your whanau and Kai Box. Your food boxes have been such a saviour as my life here is pretty busy with my 2 year old grandson living with me. I so appreciate how easy the recipes are, and they taste amazing. I can feel quite the chef at times lol. Nutrition is important to me as well as I do CrossFit so thank you for Kai Box!! I wish you all the best.

  • Gayle

    Hi Saskia, what a wonderful business you have grown and what a beautiful family you are! I am continuing on my vegan journey and loved experiencing the Kai Box. I wish you continued success!

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