Our Packaging

Our Packaging
We know that consumers want sustainable packaging and also want to know that they are creating the least amount of waste possible.
At The Kai Box we make every effort to consistently improve our products as best we can. We have been working hard to research the latest in sustainable packaging, and there have there have been many breakthroughs in plant-based packaging and biodegradable plastic packaging in recent years. 
  • Our fully compostable clear spice and nut bags are made of readily biodegradable cellulose, derived from wood pulp, sourced exclusively from responsibly-managed plantations. The cellulose bags meet global standards for home and industrial composting. Our dry ingredients such as rice and quinoa are packaged in brown paper bags also suitable for composting, and they are not lined with any petrochemical plastics.
  • Our small containers for pastes and sauces are 'tree-free' and made from reclaimed and rapidly renewable sugarcane pulp (a by-product of the sugar-refining process that remains after the juice has been extracted and would otherwise be burned). They are certified home compostable. 
  • Our cardboard boxes are made from 52% recycled material made locally from local sustainable NZ forestry and are fully recyclable.
  • We use brown paper bags to package most of our non-leafy veg, such as potatoes, cabbage and beans.
  • As a vegan company we don't put any "wool-cool" thermal inners in our boxes. However we are currently working with suppliers for a paper thermal inner which will be fully compostable.
  • Our ice packs, which are essential for freshness and keep everything cold during delivery, the gel is not harmful to the environment and is non-toxic. You can pour the gel into your garden or pot plants (as it retains water really well so would actually be good for plants/shrubs etc). You can also put the gel in a bowl, mix with salt (it will make the gel runny) then pour it down the drain. The film is soft plastics recyclable so you can add to soft plastics recycling bin.


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