Healthy Food Box FAQs

Q: What do I get in the box?

A: In each order you’ll receive all the fresh, healthy food box ingredients and recipes you need to prepare your meals. You will need basic pantry items such as salt, a dash of olive oil and soy sauce etc. At the bottom of each product page we provide a link to the pantry items required for the week. Apart from that you can leave the grocery shopping to us! 

Q: Can you deliver at my work address?

A: We can as long as you have a refrigerator. The food we pack is fresh and needs to be refrigerated ASAP. The box is packed with a ice pack incase it needs to be left outside if you are not home when the box gets delivered.

Q: Which ingredients do you assume I have at home?

A: We assume that most of our customers have oils, salt, pepper, maple syrup etc at their disposal. Occasionally we will ask for less common ingredients such as Dijon mustard to be included, however we will advise you in our pantry items list at the bottom of each product description. 

Q: Is your food organic?

A: We try our best to source organic food where possible, however we cannot guarantee that all of our food is.

Q: How long does it take to prepare a meal?

A: 30 to 45 minutes, depending on how slowly you chop!

Q: What equipment do I need to prepare your meals?

A: You will be all set for 99% of our recipes if you’ve got small, medium, and large bowls, pans, and pots; a safe cutting surface; a baking sheet; knives, wooden spoons, a spatula; and something to strain noodles in. Occasionally our recipes will require a blender or food processor.

Q: Do any of your recipes contain animal products?

A: No! Our meals are free of any meat (this includes fish), dairy and eggs so you can easily enjoy a vegan dinner without the fuss.

Q: Are any of your meals gluten, soy, or nut free?

A: Our meals do at times include gluten, soy, and nuts. If you need to be gluten, soy, or nut free please choose our gluten free boxes and let us know via our special instructions any other requirements when you place your order and we can adjust your box accordingly. Bear in mind that our food is packed out in the same facility and other allergens so there is always a chance of cross contamination, however we do take great care to prevent this.

Q: How many people does a Kai Box meal feed?

A: Each Family Kai Box meal feeds a family of four (2 adults and 2 young children). The Family Extra box is for our larger families or those with older kids. The Couples Box feeds two adults with some meals allowing leftovers for one the next day.

Q: Do I have to commit to buying a Kai Box for a set time period?

A: No, you are welcome to order on a weekly basis. We do offer subscriptions if you would like a box every week, or fortnightly and you can cancel your subscription at any time.  

Q: Do you deliver throughout New Zealand?

A: If you live in Auckland between Albany and Papakura your order will be delivered on Friday, the rest of Auckland will be delivered on Sunday. Delivery time is between 6pm - 9pm.

If you live in Hamilton, Tauranga, Wellington, or Christchurch your Kai Box will be delivered on Sunday  between 8am - 7pm.

All other regions (incl. Waiheke Island, Waikanae) will be delivered on Tuesday. If your address is rural your box may take an extra day to be delivered, or be delayed. Please get in touch if you require us to send your box to an alternative address.

Q: Does your Kai Box prices include shipping?

A: All regions are charged a shipping fee which varies so please get in touch with us to find out what shipping charges apply to your area at 

Q: Do you support charities?

A: Yes, at The Kai Box we are passionate about giving back to communities, and supporting organisations who raise awareness around the treatment of animals and our environment. In the past we donated a portion of our sales to SAFE, who support animal rights in New Zealand, Sea Shepherd and Farmwatch.

Q: Can I cancel my order and receive a refund?

A: Yes. All cancellation requests need to be sent to, 24hrs after after we send out a notification to say we are about to pack your box. This is usually sent out on a Tuesday. We will send you an email to notify you that we have received your request for refund. We will also notify you of the approval or rejection of your refund.

Q: Your store says you are updating your menu, what does this mean?

A: We take orders 2 weeks in advance from Monday - Sunday. On Monday morning we reopen the store with a new menu. Depending on when you order it could take up to 14 days to receive your order, please check the dates on your confirmation order and contact us if you need any clarification.

Q: Do your meals provide nutritional information on the recipe cards?

A: Yes, each recipe has nutritional information provided including carbohydrates, protein, fats, sodium and fibre.

Q: Where can I eat out on the nights I don't want to cook to make sure I stay on a plant-based lifestyle?

A: Indian and Thai restaurants often have good vegan meal options, just ask for no dairy and eggs on their vegetarian menu.  Mexican restaurants often are good choices too. Veggie sushi is also a healthy option.

Q: Do you have a Physical Address?

A: 9E Lady Ruby Drive, East Tamaki, 2016